Monday, July 14, 2014

John Cressler Publishes Shadows in the Shining City

Medieval@GeorgiaTech's John Cressler just published his most recent novel, Shadows in the Shining City, the second book in his Anthems of al-Andalus series. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, calls the novel "an aspiring and deeply moving novel on both the nature of love and the many beautiful possibilities brought to life when religions learn to coexist."

Here's what I think: "Cressler's suspenseful novel, set at a decisive moment in Spain's premodern history, challenges all too comfortable prejudices about medieval culture as the eternal dark "other," an allegedly primitive and less cultured period we have long left behind. Under the deceptive garment of an engaging love story, Cressler reveals the human continuities between the medieval past and the modern present, confronts twenty-first century religious intolerance with the decline of a relatively peaceful "convivencia" among tenth-century Spanish Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and celebrates the powerful role of learning and intellectual curiosity for interfaith dialogue." RU

For full information on the novel, please see HERE