Monday, December 15, 2014

Valerie Johnson and Richard Utz publish in MEDIEVALISM NOW

The special 28 (2013) issue of The Year's Work in Medievalism, entitled MEDIEVALISM NOWedited by Ed Risden, Karl Fugelso, Richard Utz, is now available. It includes essays by Valerie Johnson and Richard Utz. 

Here is the Table of Contents:
  • E. L. Risden: Introduction 
  • Valerie B. Johnson: Ecomedievalism: Medievalism's Potential Futures in Ecocriticism and Ecomaterialism  
  • Amy S. Kaufman: Lowering the Drawbridge   
  • Elena Levy-Navarro: A Long Parenthesis Begins   
  • Nickolas Haydock: Medievalism and Anamorphosis: Curious Perspectives on the Middle Ages  
  • Kevin Moberly & Brent Moberly: There is No Word for Work in the Dragon Tongue   
  • E. L. Risden: Miyazaki's Medieval World:  Japanese Medievalism and the Rise of Anime  
  • Karl Fugelso: Embracing Our Marginalism:  Mitigating the Tyranny of a Central Paradigm   
  • Carol L. Robinson: The Quest for a Deaf Lesbian Dwarf (or Anyone Else that Might Have Been Excluded) in Medievalist Video Games: A Response to Karl Fugelso’s ‘Manifesto’   
  • Jesse G. Swan: Relaxation and Amateur Medievalism for Early Modernity: Seeing Sir Henry Yelverton as a Woman in Love and a Bureaucrat Threatened in the 1621 Parliament   
  • Helen Young: Place and Time: Medievalism and Making Race  
  • Richard Utz: Can We Talk About Religion, Please? Medievalism’s Eschewal of Religion, and Why it Matters